Helipad Engineering, Heliport

Helipartner and his support consultant specialized in aeronautics brings technical solutions for the creation of your projects and heliport for infrastructure development (heliports, parking and refueling stations, warehouses, operational consultant) in collaboration with districts Civil Aviation.


Aeronautical Consulting - Helipad Engineering

Helipartner supports its customers from the design to the technical realization of the heliport. In application of the Joint Ministerial Decision 6 May 1995 concerning airfields and other locations used by helicopters, creation and commissioning of a helipad must be from the local authorities.

In this connection we we are ensuring:

  • - Implementation study of the heliport on the defined site
  • - Coordination of the various stakeholders (Surveyors, Sound technicians, Master Project, Architects)
  • - The determination of the technical and operational constraints & definitions clearances surfaces
  • - The development of the creation authorization file for obtaining a prefectural or ministerial approval
  • - Job tracking & establishment of a formalized procedure for inspections of the movement area


Operational reviews

Helipartner also specializes in the implementation of operational, compulsory education in some cases, to ensure that the helicopters will operate the platform in compliance with the requirements for OPS3 site performance class.
Operational study is conducted on the basis of take-off and landing profiles defined in the flight manual user helicopters Site. The study aims to ensure compliance clearances associated with the heliport or determine corrective actions.


Ensure compliance

The new regulations (Order of 29 September 2009) and the Technical Instruction on ITAC Airfields 13, impose new technical (design platform, off area) and operational (holes landing / takeoff lowered to 4.5 % in CP1) requiring operators of helicopter platforms to achieve compliance of their facilities. Helipartner offers its services to retrofit your helipad, technical design to completion of the work. We ensure thereafter the transmission of aeronautical data aeronautical information service provider (SIA) for the modification of VAC cards and data sheets.


Audit of the existing facilities

In the particular case of public, private and hospital infrastructure we perform the audit of the existing facilities to verify regulatory and operational compliance of the site in cooperation with the aeronautical districts of civil aviation.

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