Aeronautical approvals

Aviation regulations are in constant evolution, at Helipartner we follow these changes on a daily basis to meet the current regulations requirements.


AIR-OPS Certification


M/G Certification


ATO Certification


Part 145 Certification


SPO Certification



In all fields of the Helicopter Industry, Helipartner offer its support and expertise to strengthen or diversify your activities as well as obtaining the necessary European Approvals.

Safety and Compliance are at the heart of our mission. We will share the highest level of best practices based on these standards through a proven successful meticulous process that supports rigorous aeronautical procedures. Our turnkey solutions will help you grow your market share on a local and/or international level, with the appropriate aeronautical approvals and operational tools to ensure your success.

Global expertise

Thanks to its strategic locations and know-how, Helipartner is well positioned to harness the full potential of the fastest growing helicopter market.
Our exclusive partnerships allow us to offer the best possible expertise and to ensure the most competitive prices to our clients throughout Europe Africa and Asia.
With more than 30 years of combined experience through its managers, Helipartner is committed to providing the best combination of solutions for each specific operation and ensuring a smooth completion of any Helicopter Service required

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